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5 reasons to date a teacher

Since I am both single and a teacher, I thought I would try my hand at some blatant self-promotion… *grin*

  1. A teacher understands that everyone, including herself, is a work in progress, for none of her students will ever master her subject perfectly in the short time she has with them, and even she herself is not fully an expert in the field after so many years of teaching. She will accept you as you are, offer you support, and cheer you on your journey of personal growth.
  2. A teacher sees both the reality and the potential in her students, acknowledging where they are now but looking ahead to what and who they can be in the future. She has the ability to see the possibilities in a relationship with you, while recognising that getting there may require hard work — and she will be willing to put in that effort, if you are.
  3. A teacher is not fazed by mistakes because she does not expect any of her students to be perfect, and has watched them improve with determination, effort, and time. She will be understanding when you mess up and give you countless second chances, as long as she sees that you are sincere.
  4. A teacher is constantly learning and adapting to unexpected circumstances that crop up in her classroom. She will want to learn about you, with you and from you; in the process, she will adapt and make space for you in her life.
  5. A teacher knows that one size does not fit all, because each of her students learns differently and at a different pace. She is unlikely to make broad assumptions about you, and will refrain from comparing you to other men because she treats each person as an individual.


N.B. This post was written tongue-in-cheek, inspired by the piece by Rosemarie Urquico called “Date a girl who reads”.